Seles offers property accounting training courses to:

Non Accountant – Analysts, Fund Managers, Surveyors, Directors, Software Providers
Accountants – Financial Accountants, Controllers and Financial Directors


The knowledge board shares information on accounting.

Accounting for acquisition of investment property- asset purchase or business combination?

When should a purchase of investment property (or properties) be accounted for as a business combination, and when as a simple asset purchase? This is an important issue because the IFRS accounting requirements for a business combination are very different from asset purchases.

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At Seles we have worked with analysts, surveyors, fund managers, administrators, lawyers and property directors who came from either banking, investment or surveyor backgrounds. While all understand the principles behind property related transactions, a large number were missing the practical understanding of how such transactions are accounted for and the overall effect they have on the financial statements. For this reason we created a training course that was designed to help such professionals fill in their knowledge gaps. The training is interactive and relevant. Whilst we understand not everyone loves accounting as much as we do, we have developed our training material around clients needs, which means it is pitched at the correct level.

The training does not qualify participants as accountants, but it does provide you with enough knowledge to be able to question financial statements, as well as equipping you with a general understanding of how the back office accountants account for transactions.

We offer a more technical yet practical course for accountants to re-enforce basic principles and provide practical solutions for common errors.

Both courses can be tailored to include participants’ company reports. We work with our clients’ senior finance management teams to understand their reports, allowing us to incorporate these meaningfully and deliver a value added service to participants.

Our training focuses on practical issues relating to property accounting including:
• Revenue recognition
• Investment Property
• Development / Construction accounting
• Service charge / dilapidations / sinking funds
• Business combinations
• Accounting for debt
• Hedging instruments

No matter your level, you will leave our training with a better understanding of property financial accounting and impress the rest with your understanding of the accounts.