Seles Ltd was founded by Ryan Seligmann ACA CA(SA) to provide specialised accounting and financial control services for real estate companies.

Outsourced accounting providers commonly offer accuracy, reliability and cost effectiveness. However, Seles offers more than this, offering commercial financial control solutions which focus on providing clients with a value-add service. We do this through business partnering.


“The success of each individual is the team's success and the success of the team is the success of each individual.”

Our success as a service provider comes from the good communication we have with our clients. By taking the time to understand your needs, the relationship we have with you becomes more like team work, helping you get the most out of us. We make sure we understand your business needs, working closely with management to ensure that the information provided is accurate, reliable and relevant.

Our preference to work collaboratively with our clients also extends to the way in which our people work together internally. We have a culture that encourages cooperation and discourages unhelpful competitive behaviours. This serves our clients well since the only focus we have at Seles is helping those we work for achieve their goals.

Team Work

Working with each other to achieve our collective goals.

Can do attitude

Approach tasks with a positive attitude from start to end.

Friendly but professional

We work with our clients, create professional relationships and never lose sight of our professional obligation.


Commit to a time and deliver

We agree on a time to deliver a report and meet it.

Own your work

Ownership means staff take responsibility for the work they perform.

Honest, fair and trustworthy

We always open and honest with ourselves and our clients


What do we do?

Seles provide specialist property financial control and accounting services.

How do we do it?

We provide a business partnering service.

What is a business partner?

Seles defines a business partner as a finance professional who works with and not for their clients. We work closely with our clients, aligning our goals provide a bespoke personal service.

Why business partnering?

Property is a different asset investment to traditional private equity or share investment vehicles. Property is an operating business and with a number of transactions, the accounting and more importantly the financial control requires a collaborative effort between the business and accountants.



What is the difference between a business partner and outsourcer?

The difference is in the approach. Business partners are pro-active.

A business partner is a resource to be used by a client not only to produce accounts however to ensure that those accounts are used in a meaningful way and that financial data is applied to every day decision making. Business partners also provide greater control over other service providers (property managers) and assist with loan covenant reporting and general financial risk management.

Is a business partner more expensive?

When assessing cost, we talk about a tipping point where the cost of third party service providers is greater than an in-house resource.

The questions that need to be asked is i) what is the value of your time? and ii) how do you measure value?

Business partners reduce the amount of time required for you to deal with accounting and reporting issues, allowing you to spend more time focused on commercial tasks. A business partner provides senior financial control services as and when required as apposed to hiring a full time senior finance resource, which results in financial savings.

Business partners don’t send you accounts and ask if they are correct, we understand the key issues and work with you in making key financial accounting decisions.