The Seles approach to systems is flexible and dependant on our clients needs. As a core general ledger we use SAGE, YARDI and SAP. Where clients have existing software, we will consider using that platform.

SAGE200, YARDI and SAP are both run off the back of sequel database tables allowing us to access systems data and provide clients with tailored information in an efficient manner.

We also use Purchase to Pay software. This allows us to manage the invoice approval process in line with our clients requirements, resulting in improved control over the approval and payment of invoices.

Purchase to Pay software explained

We have found that many of our clients have a tendency to approve invoices by signing the invoice or sending an approval email to the accounts department. Many find that this approach works at the outset, since it gives them the feeling of being in control of their expenses and payments. However, as invoices start to increase in number, doing things this way becomes highly inefficient.

The solution that Seles offers is a web-based invoice approval system (Purchase to Pay)

The process is summarised as follows:

  • Invoice received from client, supplier, JV Partner etc
  • We verify the contents of the invoice – correct company, VAT treatment etc
  • We upload the invoice into the Purchase Ledger
  • We set the approval process on our software
  • You approve invoices online
  • Once fully approved we present for payment