Annual Accounts Preparation

Annual Accounts Preparation

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  • On July 5, 2018
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What we do?

Seles Specialist Services (“SSS”) focuses on supporting finance departments with statutory annual financial statements (“AFS”) preparation and technical accounting advisory services.

Be it under IFRS or FRS102, the AFS preparation process is time-consuming and requires technical knowledge to complete effectively.


At Seles we focus on working with our clients in delivering financial reporting. We prefer to be a business partner to your finance team and provide a value-added service tailored to your needs.

We believe in open, effective communication with clients throughout AFS projects, which ultimately results in tangible efficiencies, high quality professional reporting and the saving of clients’ time.

Our quality of work is of the highest standard undergirded by our core principles of integrity and professionalism.

We are committed to maintaining the highest level of professional standards and as a registered practice; we adhere to the standards and code of conduct prescribed by the ICAEW.

We believe one of our unique qualities is that the work (in this case the preparation of AFS) is prepared by a highly skilled qualified professional, thereby significantly decreasing client’s time required on the task and eliminating any frustration. We aim to cut the number of draft sets of accounts to an absolute minimum.


Most accounting departments prepare accounts in excel or word, requiring many hours spent formatting and correcting rounding errors and updating notes.

Seles use accounts preparation software to eliminate manual intervention, with notes in line with the required standards and the format of accounts consistent and of a high quality.

By systemising the accounts, we are able to prepare the following year more efficiently through the rollover process saving time and money.


We aim to reduce the number of drafts to a minimum by understanding the nature of business, reviewing the statutory records and key transactions before we start preparing the accounts. This allows us to identify key disclosure notes and data required before the first draft.


Seles accountants also have the technical knowledge to identify key disclosure requirements, assisting your accountants in completing the notes, saving time and ultimately money.

We also assist clients in preparing consolidated accounts, either through our accounts preparation software or separately in excel. We also provide technical consolidation support to help you get it right the first time.


Seles currently provides services to administrators and accountants with large volumes of statutory accounts that need preparing. These projects are cost effectively managed and once automated on a system, results in time and cost savings.


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