Seles Business Partnering – A Different Approach

Seles Business Partnering – A Different Approach

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  • On June 26, 2019
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REAL ESTATE – Specialist accountants in real estate accounting and transaction management

BUSINESS PARTNERING – Working with our clients, creating an active partnership with operations and management

FINANCIAL CONTROL – ICAEW accredited firm who provide end-to-end financial accounting and control services


Why use Seles when I have an administrator?

An administrator is a company responsible for carrying out the administration of a business.

Seles is a business partner, working with our clients, providing value added financial control support and working as a member of your team in meeting your financial control objectives.

We provide ‘real time’ support and analysis and act as a trusted adviser. We understand our clients and their business and are responsive to client requests for data, providing financial information in a clear and user-friendly manner.

Seles works closely with all offshore administrators, who provide professional administration services including making payments and Director services. Our clients move the financial accounting and control to Seles, so that they can receive an end-to-end proactive service and work with a finance business partner they can rely on.


Client’s offshore strategy

Our clients, with offshore fund structures, look to outsource accounting in order to create a lean investment management team structure. However, clients soon realise that property investment management is not static and that they require financial controller support.

Their options are to either hire an internal resource to manage the administrator or to look to a business partner, who can provide both financial control and accounting services.

Working with a business partner, reduces the overall costs of finance and builds efficiency in the reporting processes.


Financial control services

Seles has provided consulting services to listed and non-listed real estate companies with a specific focus on operational processes and reporting.

What we have found is that our clients are managing:

  • the invoice approval process,
  • providing key accounting calculations, and
  • providing all other accounting information to administrators,

who then book the received information into an accounting package and send back basic reports to the client for review.

Effectively our clients are reviewing their own work and have to employ more senior finance staff to manage the process.

The work reviewed by the administrators management is based on the work provided by the investment manager. Without a clear understanding of the business, there is a reporting risk at this level. This is not the fault of the administrator, it’s the nature of property and commercially driven investment management.

We believe the most cost effective and efficient way of managing the process is to provide business partnering services including both financial accounting and/or financial control services.

Seles provides not only accounting services however, we also provide separate financial control services too, managing the finance relationship between the investment manager and the administrator.

Our services results in efficiencies and allows our clients finance staff to focus on real value-added commercial transaction work and effective review.


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